Kanban view

Kanban is a lean manufacturing tool. It is based on the visualisation of work using a special board. In its simplest form, the board is divided into three columns: To Do, In Progress and Done. This allows the production planning process to be clearly followed, increasing its efficiency and fluidity.

Kanban view of production planning

Kanban view in production planning

The Kanban view in Nexelem is designed to provide production planners with essential information that enables them to quickly and effectively understand the current and future production situation. There are many advantages to using our Kanban view in production planning:

Detailed kanban view in Nexelem

Enhanced Visualisation


The Kanban board provides a clear visual overview of the production process, helping planners see the status of tasks at a glance.

Improved Efficiency


By limiting the number of tasks in progress, Kanban helps prevent overloading and ensures a smooth workflow, leading to quicker task completion.

Better Responsiveness


Planners can quickly identify bottlenecks and areas that need attention, allowing for swift adjustments and improvements.

Increased Transparency


Everyone involved in the production process can see the current status and progress, fostering better communication and collaboration.

Future Planning


Kanban helps planners anticipate future needs and plan accordingly, ensuring resources are allocated efficiently.

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