Production Scheduling — APS Software

Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software

Optimise the Production Queue intelligently.

Take advantage of APS software and optimally allocate materials to fit capacity in your complex production processes.

  • Custom implementation based on innovative APS engine.
  • Integration with your existing solutions and machines.
  • Cost effective and easy to use for non-technical people.
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Nexelem APS Suite

Your factory, your vision.

Achieve your production objectives with Nexelem APS.

Capacity planning

Simulate maximum production load and change parameters such as people availability, order volume, machine downtimes, etc.

Digital Twin Architecture

Create a digital representation of your production company, fed with signals from the market and your departments (i.e. volume demand, market situation, machine breakdowns, etc.) via API.

Optimisation functions

Get freedom and flexibility by optimising the production queue for different parameters, e.g. delivery times, energy consumption, etc.

Planning, Scheduling and Production Settlement.

Reduce the response time to events forcing a change in the production plan such as priority orders, delays, machine breakdowns, etc. Optimise your production queue while preserving dependencies among  processes. We deploy the APS software according to your business model using our modern software built in the digital-twin architecture.

Preserving processes dependencies

APS funcionalities and typical applications.

Forward planning


Plan production for a predetermined loading date. Take into account available capacity, lead times and stock levels to achieve the set ETA.

Capacity planning


Quickly respond to your customers’ changing demands. Use machines and production lines more efficiently, coordinate maintenance, and manage material flow to achieve higher production throughput without investing in new hardware.

Production Scheduling

Production Scheduling


Schedule production orders on each machine and/or operator, considering estimated production times, lead times, and the availability of raw materials and components — Get in touch for more details »

Production Schedule Optimization


Optimise your production schedule thanks to various business goals like stock building, ETA, energy consumption minimisation etc.

Production Settlement.


Report production quickly and efficiently with a reporting station designed to speed up the process and reduce the likelihood of human error.

Nexelem APS suite

Achieve more while lowering costs.

Start your APS journey by discussing your pain points with our expert. Try Nexelem.

Industry 4.0 manufacturing software.

At your service!

Welcome to the future of manufacturing!


If you dream of more efficient manufacturing and optimised production processes, then our award-winning APS software is for you. It has been designed to meet the needs of the manufacturing industry in a world that has changed so much in recent times.


Modern and fast, without technological legacy.


It is a smart solution because it was created based on the knowledge and experience of production people from varios manufacturing industries who decided to challenge real-life problems of their niches.

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Achieve more while lowering costs

Nexelem helps manufacturing companies achieve more at lower cost and with less impact on the environment. We build long-term relationships with our customers based on a deep partnership, with people as the foundation.

turn data into decisions

Turn data into desicions

Our vision is to implement an innovative manufacturing management system in close cooperation with our clients. Use a digital twin that turns a stream of data into actionable insights. At the same time we help you automate repetitive activities and processes.
experienced team

Tap into our experience

Take advantage of Nexelem’s experience of creating custom manufacturing software that speeds up implementation. We tailor software to your needs, omit bottlenecks and optimise your manufacturing processes.
best ratio money for value

The best ratio money for value

Get a technology partner with domain knowledge, a cutting-edge, expandable software product, and seamless integration with your existing software to ensure data automation. Questions? Contact us today to arrange a demo.

Increase productivity.


Adjust the order of tasks in production queues on the fly and recalculate as needed. Nexelem proposes optimised changes to the production and intralogistics task plan in the form of notifications. Manage different types of production from a single APS with material demand forecasting. Produce more for less with Nexelem APS.

Become anti-fragile.


Our APS software improves operational efficiency, contributes to company savings, e.g. energy, storage – including min/max stocks thanks to optimisation functions tailored to your business objectives. With Nexelem, you will be able to react quickly to changes in the current state of production (e.g. machine breakdowns, unplanned downtime, material shortages, etc.).

This is only a fraction of what you get with Nexelem.

First and foremost, you do not buy a product; you get a business partner with understanding of your business, and scaleable manufacturing software we created and can adjust precisely to reflect your business model. Let’s talk.

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