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Nexelem is a next-generation production management suite to help you streamline operations with integrated MES, APS, WMS & IIOT modules. People-centric, supporting industry 4.0 concept.

  • Oversee the flow of information from order to fulfillment.
  • Generation-Z compliant user interface.
  • Automate and optimize production planning.
  • Reduce the time of repetitive activities.
  • High accuracy manufacturing reporting.
  • Increase productivity and profitability.
  • Improve production planning.
  • Control flow of materials.
  • Reduce chaos and Muda.
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Nexelem suite
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The digital enterprise at your fingertips.

Multiplatform, boundless, scalable software.

VSM in Nexelem
VSM view


Production reporting in Nexelem
Reporting station

Data acquisition

KPI dashboards (OEE)
Manufacturing KPIs


competence matrix in Nexelem MES
Skills management


Manufacturing Management Software

From Excel to dedicated production planning tool and manufacturing execution.

Achieve paperless production with Nexelem.

Manufacturing Execution Software

Take command of your manufacturing operations within an intuitive graphical user environment. Seamlessly integrate with your company’s ERP and other external systems, such as CMMS and WMS, or utilise tailored solutions from Nexelem.

  • BOM and MOM assistance
  • Planning functionalities
  • Recipe management
  • Packing standards support
  • Kanban View
  • MRP perspective and forecasting
recipe-less manufacturing with CPQ MES

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Enhance your production schedule with intelligent APS. Select the optimisation functions that align best with your business objectives. Fine-tune the production schedule for JIT, ETA, inventory optimisation, or other cost-saving targets.

  • Clear Gantt charts
  • Rescheduling capabilities
  • Swift and user-friendly interface
  • Designed for Generation Z
  • Rapid production scheduling
  • API for external data connection (e.g., weather forecast, stock market data, etc.)

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manufacturing management software

OEE Software

Digitise production processes and let the data communicate through easily interpretable visuals. Link your machinery to our IIOT platform. Even traditional mechanical equipment can be digitised with Nexelem.

  • Data capture and retention
  • Production KPI calculation
  • Tailored dashboard
  • Visual oversight
  • Prompt fault response
  • Actionable insights derived from KPIs
OEE dashboard with manufacturing KPI

Benefit from the following advantages by using Nexelem:

Nexelem can integrate with existing ERP systems and be extensively customised to meet the unique requirements of the manufacturing company

Optimal supply chain

Order raw materials based on production plans created based on actual demand, ensure timely availability of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished-goods by minimizing the amount of inventory.

Effective scheduling

Dynamically manage your production schedule based on changing demand, and monitor work progress based on real-time data from sensors (IIOT).

Shorter lead times

Increase sales revenues by reducing the time needed to complete a single order.

JIT scheduling and Traceability

Generate production orders automatically. Take into account the availability of raw materials, machines and employee skills as well as ongoing production processes and inventory levels.

Costs callculations on demand

Report costs of manufacturing based on available data: raw materials consumption, employee working time, energy consumption etc.

Paperless manufacturing

Reduce paper usage on your shopfloor. Depending on your needs, settle production using data from IOT and other systems.

Modern production management software
for modern-day challenges

Nexelem makes manufacturers more resilient to unexpected changes and market fluctuations. It supports manufacturing operations by seamlessly facilitating communication between business departments, production and warehouses.

With the ability to assimilate data from multiple sources, Nexelem has a unique advantage in integrating with existing IT solutions. Designed for adaptability, it’s more than a set of pre-packaged solutions; it’s a versatile family of components that facilitate the efficient implementation of fully customised deployments.

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Trusted custom software provider for all things manufacturing

Do you need a system to solve complex production management problems? Perhaps you are looking for a partner to help you add new warehouse management features or a manufacturing execution system.

Nexelem can support your enterprise in these areas and many others. Engineers of Nexelem focus on designing effective and reliable solutions whose implementation increases productivity, streamlines internal processes, and increases sales. Among other things, Nexelem offers specialized software for manufacturing companies, internal logistics systems, and systems integration. With us, you will save money and valuable time for your employees! Explore our offer and find out exactly how we can help you!


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I recommend working with the Nexelem team

  • because professionals work there
  • because the implemented software reduces labor costs and streamlines processes
  • because they offer help and support


Ewa Kubala – Chief Administrative Officer

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Nexelen by VirtusLab is the promise of collaboration at the highest level!

  • Professionalism
  • Commitment
  • A modern approach to system implementation, and quick responsiveness


Maciej Cierniak — Deputy Production Manager, Board Member

Full flexibility with Nexelem software

Nexelem has a people-centric approach allowing full customization to your production. Easy integration with ERP systems, modularity, and excellent post-implementation support are just some of the advantages of our offer. We invite you to a no-obligation conversation combined with a product demonstration.

Lean manufacturing tools

Nexelem is a system in line with the lean manufacturing philosophy. This means that the lean philosophy underlies its design, and thus offers all the advantages of manufacturing concepts in this methodology, as well as tools such as Kanban and VSM.

Domain knowledge

Nexelem is a modular software for manufacturing companies (MES/APS/IIoT), developed by VirtusLab, a technology company that has been supporting global brands in various industries. We are building critical IT systems for manufacturing, logistics, and FinTech for over a decade.

Professional and fast support

We believe that effective and pleasant customer support should be a standard and the basis for smooth cooperation. For this reason, we provide support from our consultant as part of our product maintenance.

At VirtusLab Ltd. we build manufacturing management software under the Nexelem brand, and our 500 IT professionals deliver value to manufacturing companies in Europe.

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